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New user interested in cabel

I am living in Mississauga near burhnamthrope and pony trail drive.and thinking to join teksavvy but have few questions
a) I am interested in cable 6mbps/unlimited band width , I consider cable as DSL might cost me more as I don't have bell tel line and dry loop cost will be added.

I need to know exactly how much will be the total cost
for the first bill
for 6mbps cable will it be?
$34.95 +
$3.95 modem rent+
$10 Activation Fee +
$29 Installation Fee
$77.90 + tax for the first month and then$38.90 +tax for rest?

b) What is the payment option ? Is it pre-paid or post-paid? What are my options credit card only? I don't mind charging for first month in advance but will my credit card automatically charged every month or I get online bill and pay the bill from 2nd month and on..

c)How long it will take to have cable internet after I order?

d)How many days ahead for notice for terminate the service?

e)How much it cost if move to another place and wants to move my cable to new place?

f)If I sign up for 6mbps what speed I will get for my residential area I described I know you usually get less than the advertised speed



Hi There,

Here is a breakdown of the Cable 6:

Monthly cost: $30.95 (for 300 gig)
Activation fee: $65 (-$20 if modem purchased)
Modem: Either $75 + $10 shipping, or $99 + $10 shipping (depending on whether you're looking to purchase a DOCSIS 2.0 or DOCSIS 3.0)

Those prices do not include tax.

You can either pay by online banking, or through a credit card. Either way we are a pre paid service.

It takes approximately five business days to be active.

You can cancel anytime as we are no contract, no cancellation fees. We always try to keep you informed on your billing cycle so you don't cancel half way into your month as you will not receive a refund for time you haven't used.

It is an upto service, so we can never guarantee anything, but many people are very happy with their received speeds.

Any other questions please let me know,
TSI Elizabeth (Social Media & E-Services) - TekSavvy Solutions Inc.
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