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La Grange, KY

[Speed] Slow Speeds in Oldham County, KY

Anyone else noticing very slow speeds in Oldham County, especially in the La Grange area? Today I've tried running speed tests from several different sites and consistently get 3-6 Mbps. We have the 20 Mbps package and everything was fine up until the last couple of weeks. Upstream is fine at 1.5 Mbps on average. It's to the point where streaming anything from Hulu or Netflix cripples the connection. Avoiding that was the point of getting 20 Mbps in the first place.

I've tested this on wifi and wired from the router and modem (Standard Arris) and get the same results. We had the modem reprovisioned Saturday evening too, and that hasn't helped.


Louisville, KY
Yes, I am seeing the same thing, it started yesterday for me and I am in Louisville, Kentucky.
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Re: [Speed] Slow Speeds in Oldham County, KY

I've been having the same problem too for the past several weeks during peak hours (evenings and weekends.) Works great at 3AM! This seems to be a problem everywhere and not just limited to one ISP or particular area. The older infrastructure cant keep up with the higher bandwidth and traffic demand. Hopefully this is temporary.

Louisville, KY

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Hi, I work for Insight Communications in the technical support center. I have read your post and would like to help; however, because you are an anonymous user I am unable to private message you. If you would like help with your issue please send us a message or you can contact us through your local office or enter our online chat at: »helpchat.insightbb.com/netagent/ ··· ion=1000. We are very sorry that you are experiencing problems with your service and look forward to hearing from you.


Insight Broadband Technical Support


Louisville, KY
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Besides email acting flakey (randomly asking for login info, not connecting etc - since Insight decided to use a 3rd party email provider, email service went way downhill), I've got the same problem - ALL streaming hiccups a lot more (YouTube, Internet Radio - SomaFM, Netflix, etc) and all of the sudden. I'm a network engineer and have sent my own test traffic - it's being throttled at the node.
To top it off, my bill went up (somehow I've been on an "intro" rate for 10 years - really?!?!).
I'm convinced this "throttling" is being done on purpose since the Time Warner takeover to encourage us into buying cable TV (for those accounts that just have internet & phone).
Switching providers, for sure (now that real competition has come into town).
I'm in Louisville Metro.