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Chatham, ON
reply to audiofool

Re: pop3 email down?


Do you mind if I call you? I would like to go over some things with you, as I do not know anyone else in the office that owns an S3...

If you can PM me your info, I'll call you as soon as I am able.




Thanks. The next day is very busy for me and I wont have time to chat. But I have finally received a reply from Teksavvy support although no fix was provided. Just a copy and paste form letter created for inquiries regarding the email problem. So I have replied back asking for more info on the Galaxy S3 outgoing email problem that happened when Teksavvy made changes on their end. If need be I will have to talk to someone on Friday when I have time as I am into day 2 with no mobile email now and can't have this continue.

Heave Steve, for the good of the country
reply to JonF

said by JonF:

I do not know anyone else in the office that owns an S3...

Sheeesh....... Does TSI do **ANY* QA BEFORE implementing a change?

....sends out notice about **Webmail** changes - omits POP3 mention
.... leaves out critical settings info
.... doesn't test with a representative sample of common devices
.... implements changes in the middle of what is effectively a 'crisis' **without** effective advance notice

Reminds me a bit of the old CHCH TV program "Tiny Talent Time" - nice tries but a long way from professional.

In my field of endeavour I'd be fucking shot if I did any of this to even one user, much less a couple hundred thousand.