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Go Colts
Fort Wayne, IN
reply to Rob

Re: Google Apps

said by Rob:

It wouldn't make financial sense to try to become a non-profit to simply avoid the Google fees.

stray See Profile mentioned the non-profit pricing as my original post mentioned they would qualify for Microsoft's non-profit pricing. He wasn't suggesting that they become a non-profit if they weren't already.

They already are a 501(c)(3) non profit. However since they deal with behavior therapy (they are a autism center for children) they likely would not qualify for Google's non-profit pricing since it explicitly excludes health care organizations. Microsoft has a similar exclusion, but excludes behavior therapy from the medical exclusion.

The average cost of becoming a non-profit is immaterial anywhere in this discussion because they already one already. If they were not, $800 would be a drop in the bucket compared to what the additional taxes, fees, and other costs would be would be just for their non-technology expenditures through the normal course of business.

Just considering the cost of what Google charges per user per month, it actually WOULD make financial sense for them to become a non-profit (not considering any limitations or other effects it would have on the business) if they have 14 or more employees (they have significantly more): 14 employees * $5/month * 12 months = $840


Warren, NJ
Sounds like cdru 's situation is already settled, but in my experience, it can't hurt to put in your application to Google if you've got 501(c)(3) determination letter. It doesn't cost anything, they respond in a week or two, and the worst that can happen is that they reject you. Things like "behavior therapy" might not be classified as health care...could be "school." You never know.

I had no trouble helping an organization that deals with at-risk for AIDs teens... essentially a behavior modification and education program to lower their risk. Is it health care? Is it a social program? Is it a school? Anyway, Google approved them, no fuss, no muss.

I think Google's health-care restriction is meant to exclude big non-profit hospitals, medical associations, pharma sponsored non-profit marketing shills, and the like.

And... the notion of cost justifying the switch from for-profit to non-profit in order to get a better deal on Google or other software services is absurd. There's one other big hitch: you've got to act like a non-profit, and the IRS has a nice booklet of rules for that!
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Pearcy, AR
reply to cdru
I really liked Rackspace eMail when I ran my business, it is only $2 / month per user. They even offer free DNS hosting on the cloud accounts. You don't have to have services with them (last I checked) in order to get the free DNS hosting.

eMail Link: »www.rackspace.com/apps/email_hos···e_email/

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