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Rochester, MI
reply to adam1991

Re: My letter to Colleen Abdoulah

Last night I had a Wow! technician out to my house to swap out a bad HD DVR receiver and an old Webstar cable modem for a newer one. While he was there, I asked him about what he'd heard regarding all of the problems and this is what he stated: "Because WOW bought 2 other companies that span 6 states, they didn't realize that the volume of support would be so great. Now the WOW support staff that had been doing a great job for many years had to cover an additional 6 states worth of support calls which has completely overwhelmed them. That's why they're adding another 250+ support staff by February. They're training them right now." He further stated that in his opinion, "Management really dropped the ball big time". I think if the letter of apology had simply said something similar most customers might be more understanding perhaps. By the way, the service I received both from customer support and from this technician was as great as I've come to expect from WOW (past 10 years).


Cleveland, OH
·WOW Internet and..

What about the existing support those companies had? Those people couldn't train? As HORRIBLY STUPID of an idea as it is to major system upgrades and buy and try to absorb other companies at the same time, the ONE advantage is all your support including the new people from the other companies can all be trained at once and be on the same page for wows new system. I still fail to see how months of almost non existent phone service, and adding labor costs can be called an upgrade.

But again, in the tech world, system upgrades of this level are done with at least 2 backup plans if something goes wrong, ideally one of which is if possible a complete roll back, and they are done during times of having the least impact. Long weekends, time periods where support calls are lower, etc...

NOT during the holiday season when everyone has more days off, unused vacation time adding up they need to use, etc..
ESPECIALLY, when you are already in the process of trying to bring 2 other different systems merged with yours while upgrading yours.

EVERYTHING about they way they did this from a technical standpoint and strategic standpoint for major upgrades, was done wrong. They either needed to absorb the other 2 companies and get things working 100%, THEN do it. OR, finish and have the upgrade in place before you absorbed those companies, so they are coming right into the new system.


Columbus, OH

...all of which cost more money than the venture (vulture) capitalists were willing to invest.

"Screw the customers, it's cable TV, we know they won't leave."