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Pass the buck

At least they're honest about the charge, justified or not. At the end of the day, when content providers are charged more, the buck is passed onto the consumer. Always has and always will. I'd say there's little one can do but go elsewhere and vote with their wallet. The typical "if you don't like it speech".



1 recommendation

This is why overseas, you tend to buy various packages.

I'm not interested in funding sports channels, multimillionaire athletes, and Teen moms on MTV. Even if the amount of my bill stays the same, I'd rather it be spent on the programming I like, and programs that typically do not kill braincells.


Cortland, NY


reply to Telco
I couldn't agree more, but I doubt DirectTV is going to give customers the option to unbundle. It'd be nice if they did have a package that exempts sports, but I doubt they'll traverse that path.


Clinton Township, MI
I have Dish and if they started charging me for something I don't watch or want, I would dump them faster then the dropping gas gage on a F450 pulling 20,000lbs up hill with a head wind. (that's fast for those who have never experienced it)

Now I would pay extra to drop 1/3 of all those channels that try to sell me a wonder bra, give me buns of steal or make my 70 year old mom look 24. But sports? I'm with the rest, I'm not paying extra they should pay me to view some of it's drivel. I'll divert my cash and get faster internet.


Fremont, OH
reply to jc10098
Depending on what rep you talk to- well sales person that gets paid per customer that goes door to door- they do just that. *SMH* And when you question them about this, they claim its not true.