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Stittsville, ON

New e-mail from support re: the copyright lawsuit?

Hi, folks... I got Did you actually this in my inbox today, and I'm wondering if you guys actually sent it?

It was sent to my gmail account, which, to my knowledge, isn't associated with my teksavvy details anywhere but your systems, but it was sent through a 3rd party mail server, and when I logged in to your support portal, I couldn't find any reference to a method to check if I was on the list, as detailed in the e-mail. Also, while it doesn't do it here (because I just c/p the text), in my gmail, the links to the myworld login redirect through a 3rd party site.

To be safe, I've changed my portal password, but did you guys actually send this one? It looks like phishing to me.

Copyright Update
Support support@teksavvy.com via infusionmail.com

4:21 PM (16 hours ago)

to me
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Copyright Update for Customers Having trouble viewing this email? Click here
TekSavvy_logo.gif WDIAGW_Red.gif

Dear Customer,

TekSavvy recently sent out a communication to some of our customers on the request for personal information from Voltage Pictures LLC.

Since that time we have had many questions from customers concerned that they may have missed the communication. We have set up a notification system in the customer portal to let our customers know if they were on the list. Please visit the My World on the TekSavvy website to verify this information.


If your IP address is on the list, please email support@teksavvy.com for a copy of your email, with full details. To see the communication that was sent visit: »www.teksavvy.com/important-reque···ormation

The following link leads to updated documentation called the "Motion Record" received December 11th, 2012. The Motion Record contains the evidence and argument that Voltage will be relying on for its motion scheduled to be heard as early as 9:30 AM on Monday, December 17, 2012 at Federal Court of Canada, 180 Queen Street West in Toronto. In the interests of our customers' privacy, we have removed the list of IP addresses and associated information included in the Motion Record from the copy referenced below. We will provide this additional information to those affected directly on request.


At TekSavvy, we take pride in our dedication to our customers. We listen to our customers and try to respect their needs. We have always fought for our customers' rights and we take their privacy seriously.

We believe that you have a right to:

1) Have your privacy safeguarded;
2) Be notified that a request for your personal information has been made by a third party; and
3) Have an opportunity to defend yourself when a claim is made against you.

At the same time, rights holders are entitled to enforce their rights under the Copyright Act. TekSavvy therefore encourages everyone to become familiar with their rights and obligations under copyright law. For more information please visit:


You should know that TekSavvy does not monitor our customers' use of the Internet and has no involvement in collecting the IPs presented in this request by Voltage. We are also not in a position to speculate on the validity of the claims, nor contest the request for information.

For a complete set of information on the documents filed with the court in the proceeding brought by Voltage that we have received please go to:


Also please visit: The Government of Canada's Balanced Copyright


The TekSavvy Team


Toronto, ON
what's the redirected link?
Like you said, if it's through a 3rd party, the login page I'd avoid it


I assume its an e-mail sent through infusionsoft like their earlier e-mails.... thought they said they were going to stop using it though

Admittedly, A Teksavvy Fan

Toronto CAN.
·TekSavvy DSL
reply to taraf
I got an email with that content yesterday. It is on TSI email stationary. It is sent thru "mailer@infusionmail.com" which I believe is used by TSI and is safe.
If my online experience is enhanced, why are my speeds throttled?? BHell... A Public Futility.


reply to taraf
Haven't checked a Canadian dictionary but i believe the word "unauthorised" in the pdf article is spelt as "unauthorized" in Canada. All words should be worded as what is found in Canadian dictionaries not American ones.