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Space...The Final Frontier
Urbandale, IA

Unless I'm Reading This Wrong...'re still stuck paying this fee whether you *watch* the regional sports channels or not. Which still doesn't help you if you don't care about sports channels at all and live in an area with more than one regional sports network. It's a step toward breaking out sports costs, but unfortunately still punishes people who don't watch them. It would be like giving everyone HBO or another premium network, but charging everyone for it whether they watched it or not, and making it mandatory to have.

If there were an option to opt out of these channels (and paying for said channels) completely, it would certainly be interesting to see if this would be a game changer. I suspect if all the people like myself who subscribe to a middle-range cable or satellite package who never watched the pure sports channels were given the option to opt out, the sports industry would have to scramble because the revenue coming in would drop significantly. I get tired of subsidizing what is repeatedly considered the most expensive portion of cable TV these days without any sort of perk for doing so. What would hopefully happen is a return to more reasonable rates for *everybody* across the board. I respect people who enjoy watching sports of all kinds, and I feel like they all get ripped off by ridiculously high fees too.
You're watching Sports Night on CSC so stick around...

Camelot One
Greenwood, IN
said by DirecTV Website :

These local RSN(s) are included in most base packages, but there are some that do not include RSNs and are not subject to a Regional Sports Fee

I read it the same way you did. This isn't an extra fee being pushed on people who watch sports, or on those who subscribe to sports packages. The fee will apply to everyone subscribing to any package in an area that happens has a Regional Sports Network. And even DTV admits that is "most" markets.

Tavistock NJ
Just another price increase, marketed as a separate fee to fool the customer.