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London, ON

What's wrong with my computer?

I feel like such a newb asking this. My O/S is XP Sp3 and I've been getting 'network cable unplugged' for the last few weeks. I've replaced both the network card and the cable itself, and it still happens.

I've narrowed it down to my computer because I'm able to stay online with no problems using a netbook.

I'm only using wired network fwiw.

My modem, if it matters, is a TP-Link 8816.

Cote Saint-Luc, QC
If you have two network connections on your motherboard, but you are only using one of them without disabling the other, this will result in the message you are receiving. Check the back of computer and see if you have two ports for networking.


London, ON
reply to LondonOntGuy
Figured it out after calling tech support. There was a lot of 'noise' on my line, but it appears to be gone now. Only thing I can think of that caused it was this old POS CRT monitor that I am using in place of my widescreen, which is now on the other side of the province in my new home. (long story)

I already disabled the onboard NIC before attempting to install the new one. I originally thought it was the onboard card that was dying, but that seems that's no longer the case.


·TekSavvy DSL
·Bell Fibe
reply to LondonOntGuy
"network cable unplugged" is usually caused by the device on the other end that is turning off momentarily, such as a router or modem crashing.

If you were losing DSL due to poor connection/errors, your modem might have been restarting itself to try and re-establish (or it might have been crashing for no reason, but that's less likely)


London, ON
reply to LondonOntGuy
It was the modem that was crapping the bed. I changed out everything BUT the modem, and it was still doing it.