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Worried G


Magicjack connection

I have a magic jack plus and DSL modem with one ethernet cord going to my PC for internet access. Now the magic jack also has an ethernet port that should go into the modem.Can you suggest the kind of adaptor that Will fit into the ethernet port so I can also hook the Magi jack to the modem while I leave the other one for the internet?


You need at the very least an ethernet router, or better yet a combined DSL modem and ethernet router that's compatible with your provider and service.

Most of them come with 4 ethernet ports leaving you room to add another two computers or ethernet printers or whatever else you desire on your home network.

Also, while you're at it, if you're ever planning to buy a laptop or tablet, you may as well get a router with B/G/N Wifi capabilities as well.

Personally I use a TP-Link Wireless N Class Modem Router on my home network and I'm quite happy with it, though I had to add an 8 port switch to connect all my devices.

Anyway, ask your provider what brand/make/models of modem/routers they recommend for their network and pick one up. That should solve your problem.

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A router with 4 ports is all you need. You already have the modem, why try to configure another one? Provisioning a DSL modem is not for the faint of heart. Just get a router with WiFi, plug the modem into the router's WAN input and then plug the MJ into one of the LAN ports, your computer into another, or connect with the WiFi of the router. There's a bit more to configuring than this but if you IM me I'd be happy to provide you all the details you need.
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The disadvantage of separate modem and router is that you suddenly have TWO electrical wall warts competing for an outlet.

And setting up a DSL modem is no big deal.


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A $20 switch / router will work for you - it just needs to split the ethernet port.
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