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Keller, TX
reply to Happydude32

Re: I will never understand the haters...

Baseball sucks. It's one of the most boring sports to watch that has ever existed (right up there with soccer and golf).

Wish I was rich like you so I could afford to different pay-tv services with premium sports packages. Actually if I was rich I still wouldn't do that (kinda nuts and wasteful).

That is your opinion. I used to think the same thing about baseball until I actually started watching it and paying attention. While there are too many statistics to follow (No I don’t care how many hits CC Sabathia gives up in the 5th inning of Saturday afternoon games in July when it’s partly cloudy out) and with 162 games, I do not watch every Yankees game (Post season, Yes, regular season, no), I will catch a few a week and find it enjoyable. I’ve been to only one Yankees game in person. Cost me almost $200 a ticket, that was at the box office and to sit in the ‘Batters eye’ section, on a lawn chair behind the large HD video board at the Stadium. One of the best experiences of my life. As soon as I stepped foot into the Stadium the hair on my arm stood on end, a chill went down my spine and I almost shed a tear looking at the most hallowed sports ground in the world.

My problem with soccer is the field of play is too damn big. Soccer is very similar to hockey, which I love, problem is a regulation hockey rink is 200 x 85 feet, soccer is typically 300 x 135. With hockey there is much more action and scoring opportunities due to the smaller playing surface. Scoring doesn’t necessarily equal exciting to me, it’s the opportunity. The most exciting Sabres game I ever watched was a Game 5 of Round 2 of the Playoffs in 2007 against the NY Rangers. It was 0-0 until about 8 minutes to go in the game and then the Sabres tied it with 7.7 sec to go and won in OT. With soccer too many plays happen in the middle of the field and don’t develop as intended as the ball gets closer to the net. And the amount of last minute dramatics are far and few in-between.

No, I’m not really rich, I just chose to spend my money on different things. I know a couple who spends about $250/month on cigarettes. That’s $3000 a year on intentionally taking in harmful substances and killing yourself. I never smoked or had the desire to smoke anything in my life so I can’t wrap my brain around that. When it’s all said and done I pay about $290/month to Time Warner for everything with the best of everything. I get enjoyment out of my super fast broadband, and all of the premium movie and sports content I can consume. I know guys at work who drop over $100 bucks at bars on Friday and Saturday nights. I don’t consume alcohol and I hate the atmosphere of bars and I don’t understand paying that much to poison yourself. I have a bunch of different promos going on with DirecTV, with the Premier package, whole house DVR and NFL Sunday Ticket Max I’m paying $135/month right now. Bottom line, if I was like a good portion of the population and smoked like a chimney and drank like a fish, I’d be spending roughly the same amount as I do for cable and satellite services all while killing myself. I’m not expecting everyone to understand the amount that I pay for this stuff, but at the same time I will never understand why someone would spend as much as a penny on tobacco or alcohol related products. If you choose not to partake in these idiotic activities, I mean no offence, they’re just examples I make every time the subject comes up and I feel people can relate to.

Digital media and entertainment and electronic toys are hobbies, pastimes, interests and obsessions of mine. If you take a look in the mirror at what things make you tick, I’m sure I could criticize you on how you spend your hard earned money just as good.
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