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Willowbrook, IL
reply to koitsu

Re: [IPv6] Comcast IPv6 Gives Address But No Default Gateway

said by koitsu:

I will gladly admit I don't know enough about the E3200's native firmware to know if it will show you both the advertised /64 and the individual /128 announced by Comcast. Some routers show this, others do not. Here's an example of one which does:


Oh ok, yeah now that you mention it on the Local Network page it says the following:

Prefix Address: 2601:d:3000:44::/64

Does that offer any additional insight?

Mountain View, CA
That means you're at least picking up the /64 prefix delegation that Comcast hands you (which is the IPv6 network block that should be used by systems on your LAN for direct IPv6 connectivity), so that means at least some RAs are working.

I have no explanation for why there's no default IPv6 gateway other than a network misconfiguration on Comcast's side or a firmware/router bug in the E3200. An alternate possibility is that Cisco DPC3000 is incorrectly filtering or messing with some kinds of IPv6 packets (strange but possible), even though cable modems aren't supposed to screw with layer 3 traffic passed through to the underlying LAN port. That's about all I can do with the information here -- IP network technicians have to figure out the rest. I'd wait for NetDog See Profile at this point.
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