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reply to C0RR0SIVE88

Re: Gen4/Changes Coming After Jan 1

said by C0RR0SIVE88 :

I have a feeling you have never wrote any piece of software, or designed and built entire WANS Diablo. I agree with silbaco. Just because they can sit in a chair doesn't mean it's any less difficult than working on a car. I just rebuilt the tranny, engine, and entire front end of a truck in the last two weeks, with only four actual days to work on it. I find that much more easy to accomplish than rebuilding patches after patches trying to balance issues and fix them.

Sure, the module you create for the modem might work beautifully, but, does your module break another team members module for some reason? Why? Can something be done on your module to fix that, or is it a problem with the other team members module?

Once that seems to work, off to testing it goes, but, can the testers break it? If they can, how, why, what went wrong? The engineer goes right back to square one with very little to go on other than try again with what data he has on the problem.

Sorry, but building houses, and fixing a car is very different from engineering a sophisticated WAN, maintaining it, and fixing the software that handles it.

I thought we were talking about networking alone? or am i missing something? But yes i understand the procedure of creating programs, but not everything.. You gotta learn C++ and you gotta put different files into different formats blah blah blah and then you test the program (goes the same way with pc games- but differently) the testing could take sometime, depending on where, when, how and what happened.. As a gamer, I know where the game starts to breaking down and then gets to the point where it is completely unplayable, this is the point where your blowing up the game dry (same with software)

I believe I have seen programs break down, its either due to compatibility issues with your computer or issues with your connection, yes if its a program that needs connection but too much lag or not good enough then the program will only keep crashing (this i have seen many times)

I know where you went with what you said but i still very well believe network engineering is an easy job.. My brother works with networking, hes trying to work under Cisco, has a whole bunch of computer books, has his own gaming rig just like mine. He use to run the heck outta Ubuntu when he ran the old slow pc, those were the days, he ran a program called cactus (it monitors everyones bandwidth usage, pc HD usage, CPU and RAM usage- everything) hes one heck of a tech person thats for sure.. Sadly no one will hire simply because you need a colege degree witch costs over thousands of dollars.

I was in school a couple years ago and i traveled to another school and it was a tech school, i had to do some work in that classroom and the classroom was a tech/computer learning for students just like i was.. Guess what they were doing when i was in there? They weren't taking computers apart or learning anything about networking like when my brother was in there at his time.. They were all playing call of duty modern warfare 2, this made me feel as if i went to a pre school wanna bee technical institute.. As for our subject here, well maybe its why i feel the way i feel right now about it, its a very easy going job, nothing too complicated, takes no longer than a day or two.
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It is unfortunate you saw a poor excuse of a school, but that is not how the real world works. Those students will find a rude awakening when they enter the work force.

Off topic... Is your brother working toward his CCNA? If he isn't, he should.