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reply to Jim_in_VA

Re: Advice on upgrade from 3G to 4G

said by Jim_in_VA:

no tethering via a cable ... only wireless

Not only wireless. I meant turn on USB tether mode on the 4620L and plug that into the Cradlepoint. Looks like it does not work at this time, thought it wouldn't, end of this article talks about it. Maybe it could be planned for support or has changed since the article was written, didn't do additional research.




Forgot to add, you can also get an unlocked 4G usb stick from Ebay or wherever and move the sim card from the hotspot, but that's also buying more stuff, would probably be better off buying the new router.


reply to Hltrancher

Bummer, Hltrancher, thought you had found the magic bullet. That article kinda sucks. It got my hopes up then dashed them at the end.

"What about routers? Many people have asked whether the MiFi 4620L can be tethered to a router. For now, the answer is NO - we tested it and it does NOT work with any routers via tethering (you can of course use it with routers that support WiFi as WAN by connecting it via WiFi). However, since it is possible to tether the 4620L to a computer, it is certainly possible that router manufacturers like Cradlepoint could add support for the device in a future firmware release."

I'm still ponder what to do. Really hate the thought of ditching my much beloved, reliable MBR1000 and/or Millenicom. :-(


Cobbs Creek, VA
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Like Hltrancher says, you can buy a UML290 modem (supported by your MBR1000) off eBay and swap the sim from the Mifi to it. The only additional piece of kit you need is a sim adapter to interface the Mifi sim with the UML290. They don't use the same size.
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