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London, ON
reply to buttaknife

Re: Discussion about log retention

said by buttaknife:

This conversation is going in so many circles.

Yes it is and I for one have had enough. The world won't be happy till they can rob, steal, maim and kill to their hearts content anyway.

But we'll sure as hell hear them whine and cry when it happens to them..............what goes around, comes around.

Catch ya on the flip side...........


Powassan, ON
·TekSavvy DSL
I'm sorry Elite. I didn't mean things to escalate to the point you felt your original position wasn't worth continuing to voice.

My original point was to highlight:

1. How easily we can break rules without really considering it to be such.

2. To highlight how in so many cases, it is people BREAKING laws that lead to laws we take for granted today. I think Rosa Parks is the usual shout-on this subject.

In your case, the very quote you (accurately, and correctly) posted in reply to my "accusation", came about through breaking, and testing, of original copyright law. There would not be the exception you quote, were that never to have happened.

The law rarely gets written by any other means, democracy or otherwise.

We need multiple views on this, and if helps you - here's a quote I've just found in another users post that sums up my angle on this:

"It should be emphasized that none of those objecting to or intervening in the motion in 2004 were there in support of what is sometimes called “piracy” by the alleged downloaders and file sharers. The battle was all about privacy – and when it can or should be breached, mindful among other things of the severe consequences of ordinary citizens being dragged into complex and costly litigation, quite possibly by mistake based upon unreliable information."