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reply to gibwar

Re: [Business] Unexpected IPv6 address with Business Class stati

said by gibwar:

I'm using DHCPv6 (stateful configuration) at this time so I can see which devices are registering IPv6. When I switch to stateless configuration the temporary address shows up and changes as expected.

As to why I didn't get one with the Comcast 2001:558 address, I'm guessing it doesn't work with the /128 prefix (which makes total sense as I type this, no room for a privacy address, duh).

Based on the information posted previously, I am assuming that the device getting the Comcast 2001:558 address is a device connected to the SMC gateway's LAN using DHCP. Since that IP address prefix is used by Comcast for router WAN interfaces and/or standalone PC type devices that are not behind a router, it really is a strange anomaly.

When I was using my SMCD3G with a static IPv4 block, the only Comcast IPv6 implementation I could get was using Comcast's 6to4 tunnel with devices that had a public static IPv4 address and were either directly connected to the SMC gateway, or were behind my Netgear router that had a static IPv4 WAN address and was setup to be a 6to4 relay through Comcast's tunnel. Those devices however, received an IPv6 address beginning with the expected "2002" prefix.
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I agree completely, that's why I posted. I don't see how this could be happening, yet it is! Very, very odd indeed.

My clients are set to autoconfigure IPv6 using whatever means is the default for Windows and Mac OS X. Observing this is quite interesting because they seem to flip flop back and forth between the HE address and a Comcast address.

My servers are all configured using static IPv4 and IPv6 address with autoconfiguration and router discovery turned off.

Again, going by what I've read and what I know about IPv6 and SMC's, this shouldn't be possible... yet it is!