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reply to mendinfences8

Re: 598 Not Connecting -- UPDATE - Speed Updates

Gord, even though there are many, many, many peeps using the 598 on 3G, sprint (at some point earlier) indicated that the 598 is not a 3G device in this area. No one believed them, including the support person who said it was just WEIRD. Jim said, basically, that was ridiculous. I've dropped Jim a note, hoping he has a tweak or some idea that flips this.

I have read about Watcher and wonder if that offers options for controlling the device that I just don't see on any of the Smartview screens.

I'm not sure Mac/Apple has anything to do with this but ... Who knows?!!



Bolivar, MO
Sorry if I've missed this, but have you locked the device in EVDO only mode? Can't remember if that is an option on Smartview, you may have to get watcher to do that. That ping seems way to high for 3G, it appears you are still on 1X.


I agree that I am clearly still on 1x not 3G. Says it is but also indicates 1x.

Just FYI, I did plug into a PC laptop and getting to any speed test web pages was so slow, I didn't even pursue it.

I'll go download Watcher to try to put into EVDO. Anything I should know about that before I do it? Uninstall SView or no conflict?



Bolivar, MO
I never had conflicts when I used both, but M-com support told me to only run one, can someone clarify that?


Cobbs Creek, VA
They can both be installed. You just run one or the other.
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Max Signal
Buffalo, NY
reply to mendinfences8
These are the same results you had with the 600 . This leads me to believe network issues . At this point I would investigate Verizon . Take a drive with your modem again and try to connect to a different tower . They cannot exclude a particular device as long is it operates on the sprint network, so whoever fed you that info was full of it . Jim is the sprint expert . I would wait for his input.


reply to m12345s
I've downloaded and installed the latest Watcher. Did not have SView running. Launched Watcher. No area found to put into EV mode only. There IS an icon on the front panel but it will NOT let me click on it. There is NO Tools bar option to place into EV mode.

Jim got in touch with me. Had me download onto the PC laptop, configure the stick and put into EV only. Then, launched on the Mac.

Not getting great speeds but definitely better.

Don't think this is gonna work with the idea of downloading movies and I'm a little nervous about making it a wifi but gotta try that next so husband can get on, too.