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Toronto, ON
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Re: Nightmare with TSI BUSINESS. - modem "shipped" 4 t

As for the 4 times question, perhaps there is a discrepancy with the address?

As a side note, here's a funny story with regards to bell modem rental... My mom's office has had standard bell business internet for many years, and when initially i told bell that we did not require a modem (its not a requirement for business dsl). The internet was activated with my own modem, and there were no issues for years... Then there was some sort of speed glitch (not profile but something else) and while on the phone the tech asked which bell modem I have, and i said that we use our own modem, to which he responded that we are being charged for the use of a bell modem, $6/month.

Anyway the technical issue was solved but then I proceeded to fight with the business office over the $6/month charges for nearly four years. I do not check the invoices, and the lady that deals with the accounting does not know what a modem is and just paid the bills as they came.

They kept insisting that they sent a modem, and I kept insisting that we never received one. They launched an internal investigation, and they could not produce a signature to show that it was delivered at our address. They investigated further, and eventually found that the modem was sent to an address 100km north of Toronto. Even after admitting this, they tried to weasel out of refunding the charges, claiming that we "accepted" the charges by paying them for so long. I didn't give up and they eventually returned all the rental charges and removed the modem rental from the file.


·TekSavvy DSL
Sounds like my last Newegg purchase... they shipped it 300km away, left it on the back porch ($1200 computer). They replaced the address I entered with a 2nd default address (not even the default address I setup which was completely different!)