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reply to DrDrew

Re: ESPN 2 not in HD anymore in Queens, NY

said by DrDrew:

ESPN and ESPN2 has never been 1080i, they're 720p channels, but that is still HD.

What channel number are you tuning to? TWC normally carries both SD and HD versions of popular channels such as ESPN

Were there notices of this channel being moved to a different number or service pack in your division? Maybe the HD feed got messed up in the shuffle. I'd give your account information, HD channel number for ESPN2, and how long the issue has been going on, over at the secure "Direct to Tech forum" They can look into this. Mention, not only Queens New York, but your specific area/address location. You can also mention the Astora and Cambria Heights situation. Here is the forum:

»Time Warner Cable Direct



Thanks I'll do that.. as for the channels 28 ESPN and 29 ESPN2 also 728 and 729 respectively all are HD now.. When I go from 28 to 29 or 728 to 729 the cable box goes from 1080i to 480i. 729/29 being 480i. It was never like that b4. To be a little more specific I'm in Saint Albans ..


ESPN 2 back in HD.. Don't know why..