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Lanesville, IN

Upgrading DSL

I have 3MB dsl and called on Sat to see if higher speeds are available. The rep said I could get up to 6 MB. OK Fine. She said they were sending out a new modem. I told her I already had a Netgear 7550. She said there is a newer version for my upgrade. Modem will come in the mail and my upgrade date is supposed to be 12/24.

So my questions. Is there really a difference in the two modems or should I just keep the new for a spare? Also, what is involved in upgrading my speed. Is it done locally? Who flips the switch? Do I need the filters that are sent. I currently am not using them. Thanks for your help.


Henrietta, NY
As far as I know the Netgear 7550 is the newest modem. If you do get a new one just keep one as a back up. When you upgrade your speed they have to send a tech out to the CO that you connect to. The tech will check the card to connect to and bump the speed up from there. If you havent used the filters you may not need to, you could already have a whole house filter installed when you first started with Frontier.


reply to larlane
Could be a bonded product which uses a different modem. I don't see them doing bonded as a self install though.


reply to larlane
She probably lied to you and sent you a new modem so you could be locked into a new 2 year contract.

so they are send netgear 7550 for the 6mbps plan