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Des Moines, IA
reply to hdtv00

Re: [GA] turning off my wireless?

said by hdtv00:

Yea for $4 a month they'll be happy to let you leave it on. I think it's ridiculous they force you to upgrade to a Docsis 3 modem/router subscribe to their highest priced internet package and then want to force you to pay another $4.

I think it's bullshit, plain and simple. But fine have it your way mediacom. I'll use one of my four routers I have laying around here.

But I bet they'd be damn quick to give wireless away to a new customer who is already paying less than half what we pay for our 50M down tier plan. They're willing to give new customers anything, to hell with current subscriber's.

They better thank Mediacom Chad because if it wasn't for him and his efforts, I would've been gone LONG time ago I can tell you that much right now.

Lol you weren't forced. There are plenty of non modem/routers you could have gotten.


Silvis, IL
Yea you are forced. Forced to either buy one or use the one they provide. Sound's like forced to me. Either way still $80 a month for service alone just doesn't cover turning on wi fi on a device you already pay for monthly huh....right. WTFever

Mediacom Social Media Relations Team
Gulf Breeze, FL

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I'm a little confused and want to make sure we are on the same page. Our D3 customers are not forced to have a modem/router combo. We provide the DPC3000 (which is just a modem) and the DPC3825 (which is a modem/router combo) to our customers. Generally we give the DPC3000 to customers who do not have the wireless home networking, and the DPC3825 to customers who want us to manage their home network. In certain cases (such as low stock on the DPC3000) we give out the DPC3825 to non-wireless customers. We do this so customers do not have to wait for our vendors to provide us modems. When this happens, we do disable the wireless portion of the modem. It will function just like the DPC3000, just have a built in router that is not turned on. This is similar to giving out HD DVR's when we are out of HD boxes in certain areas. This allows the customer to have an HD box, and we disable the DVR portion. Hope this clarifies.
Mediacom Social Media Relations Team