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Mountain View, CA
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Re: How are Toshiba and Deskstar HDDs?

It's basically what Bach See Profile (hey I like your music :P) said, although I use them for desktop drives as well (hopefully will become apparent below).

The main difference, simply put, is their firmware settings and feature set. They perform somewhere between WD Green and WD Black drives, but have the extremely low temperatures of the Greens while offering proper features that the Blacks do. They also don't suffer from stupid firmware design choices like the "LCC issue" and a couple others. And if you care about this sort of thing (honestly it should be the job of either the OS or the controller, sigh), the TLER settings are adjustable (including during run-time) and default to 7 seconds.

My """review""", per se -- keep in mind I do not care about benchmarks -- »koitsu.wordpress.com/2012/08/15/···d10efrx/

Despite my approval of the drives, my general advice, like psafux See Profile, is that any drive can fail. Do backups regularly. Expect your hard disk to fail -- by operating under that assumption, you'll be much happier when you lose a drive and aren't having to consider the costs of a data recovery company.
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