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Pleasant Hill, MO

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Re: How are Toshiba and Deskstar HDDs?

I know, $30 for a whole extra TB is soooooooooooooo hard to pass up. However, I've only used 1TB, or smaller, drives so far in my live, and I've heard things about once drives hit 2TB+ complicity their reliability is far less than 1TB and smaller drives, I assume due to multiple platters. And thats why I'm conflicted right now, spend $9 more than a 1TB red and get a freaking enterprise drive(for $11 less than even newegg) or spend $30 more and get a 2TB red and be even more unsure about the life time of the drive.

EDIT: how do the red drives use multiple platters? Does it read/write to one at a time, or to both of them at once and achieve higher speed that way?


Lynnwood, WA
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The Red has 1 TB platters. The Red and the RE4 has comparable sustained DTR, but seeks on the RE4 are roughly twice as fast. So if you need a boot drive, or a drive with lots of random access -- by all means get the 1 TB RE4. For a pure archival type storage drive, or for large files -- get the 2TB Red.
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Pleasant Hill, MO
Well since its just going to be a game storage drive, the faster seek time wont really help. 2TB it is!

Thanks everyone!