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reply to jonny7

Re: Blog - Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

said by jonny7:

Hi Marc

Great updates on latest status of the lawsuit. I hope all goes well with TekSavvy. You guys are great!

I wanted to ask you how a Landlord who provides TekSavvy internet to customers would protect them selves?

Also how should a tenant protect them selves as well?
Thank you in advance.


You can't protect them with the way things are now. They can't even protect themselves.

Best option is to cut them off and make them buy their own internet.


I keep thinking back to this "landlord" anaolgy and find myself saying... What if...

What if someone were to setup a website where the rules of the show is:
1. Each party must pay a teksavvy account 1 year in advance, like one of those "gift card" type things.

2. People swap their "gift card" with someone in another province.

In effect Joe Blow from Ontario is having his internet account paid for by Pierre Poutine in Quebec.

In other words, the account receivable in the TSI system for the Ontario customer is in Quebec, and vice-versa.

So any so called infringement can never, ever, had been done by the person paying the IP.

Or, to put it another way (or another method of doing this) as an example:
Why don't I set up the website, AnonTronTrollrUS.ca I take the money for people and pay their account and act as an intermediary. The billing would come to me, and the bill-to address would be me. I would never know anything else, other than a transaction.

As far as I know they ask the courts for the bill-to person (ie the accounts receivable). Teksavvy has no other name on file as owning the account. Thus a name could never be given, and I could never have had any of those IP's since I don't even have a teksavvy internet myself.

So in effect, if a troll like voltage ever wetn after someone they would have to go after a whole address. So this would in turn make an IP an street address (HEH) and not a person. Now go ahead and show which person did it.

Anyone see a hole in this?

Things that make me go hmm...