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North Baltimore, OH
reply to Zionikk

Re: [Internet] Question About 25mb/3mb Ultimate

Sorry to bump this. But I think I've decided that I am going to get Frontier again and go with the 25/3 Ultimate for $59.99 a month.

But before I do, I have a few questions I hope someone can help me out with. The first one is that when I first got Verizon DSL before the Frontier tranistion Verizon gave me the Actiontec GT704-WGB model modem. So I was wondering if I will need to get a new modem for the higher speeds?

Next thing is that I haven't had a technician at my house since the Verizon tech installed my DSL. So I was wondering if they would have to come out and upgrade anything here?

Also, if anyone has had this package maybe you could give me and idea of how well it actually performs. Thanks!

Everett, WA
The 25/3 is VDSL so yes you will need a new modem.

Now have they verified your line qualifies? For 25/3 you should be fairly close to the DSLAM.