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Lake Butler, FL

[Troubles] Always told lies!

So once again my DSL service is out. It's bad enough that with 12 Mbs service I only get 3Mbs at peek hours. If I want 12 I have to get up before 4am. However, today started early. At 7am its down. I get back home around 5pm and still nothing. Once again I'm told my modem is broken. LIES!!! Took it to my neighbors house, and works fine with his username and password on his line. Oh, and my line has been checked.

A few weeks ago I was told the same load of lies only to be told I needed to purchase a new modem for 120 bucks!

Windstream you have gone too far, and continue to disrespect my intelligence.

I going to wait until tomorrow, and when the service is back up without any changes to my modem, I'll happily ask once more for another lie. But this time will result in termination of my services.


Jefferson, GA
Yeah they pulled that new modem crap on me twice.
New modems fixed nothing. Lets sue. Companies have been sued for much less. I dont want $ though. Just service so I dont have to surf the web on
This tiny 4g phone.


Lake Butler, FL
reply to john55576
Got an update from them, now it's an outage because of a cross connect. But it was my modem until other people called and reported issues. How can they not know if their network is working properly?

Twinsburg, OH
Did they mention if the cross was out in the field or a provisioning issue?

Specialist II
We're here to help! wci.broadbandhelp@windstream.com


Lake Butler, FL
Well today, after 4 days of no internet, I had to raise hell with some poor guy about getting a technician out to take a look. After some really nasty rants involving a few GD,MF, and WTF, a tech was dispatched. Sad thing is that he did more to help than anyone else, but got the crappy end of the other's poor performance. Once the tech here he had to contact CS to release the line. Evidently someone locked it down so that nothing would go through.

Windstream has some really bad ideas about customer support, and I will be moving to Comcast as a primary ISP starting next year. I know Comcast has issues, but it is becoming less of a concern as WS is failing to provide the integrity of service it once strived for.


Lake Butler, FL
reply to Windstream
At first they said it was my modem. So I ask to have a tech bring by a new modem and I would accept the additional charges of it as well as the additional protection plan.

Then it was an outage, but nothing was wrong with my modem. So no one came by with a modem.

Then it was a latency outage.

Then it was my modem.

Then it was my PC.

Then it wasn't anything.

Then I started cursing like a sailor, and they sent a tech with a modem who called CS to release the line.

Then my DSL worked again.

Then I tried my old Cisco x2000, and it works fine.

Then I hooked the speed stream 4300 back up and will be using the x2000 for another network configuration.

Grinnell, IA
reply to john55576
Exactly, Patec acquired Windstream or the other way around. It seems to me, Ignorant and rude customer service people, Just today I was trying to help an elderly couple, in there 70's go to Mediacom as Windstreams price was way to high for them. They called Windstream and spoke to a VERY RUDE CUSTOMER AGENT about why they didn't release the number to go from Windstream to Mediacom, She called me all frustrated and needless to say, the Mediacom install was canned due to Windstream idiocy. To be fair Mediacom forgot to call them and they waited all day but that is one issue in an otherwise ok provider not great but waay better then Windcrap