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De Pere, WI
reply to Cptbeatstix

Re: For teh Lulz! ^.^

I remember in the last exp. when my buddy would tank (pally) and I would heal as a enhancement shaman. He was so geared as was I, we could blow though 5 mans so fast it was nuts.

I find a lot of this in not always the game, but knowing how to play your toon. We has so many years on our mains, it really is 2nd nature to play them.

That and we ran so much raids/5 mans together, it was almost like we could read what the other would do when shit hit the fan.

Was good times!

On a side note, when I did switch to heal spec, we would pull, pull and pull some more to see how many we could get going at once. If we did a pug, it was so funny hearing people get all upset and crazy.


Carrollton, TX
When I'm on my disc priest, I tell the tank to just keep going. 3 Heroic Maw mace from DS.