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Elwood Blues
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reply to joeblow3

Re: Airlines now MUST use "all-in-one" pricing.

said by joeblow3:

The problem with that is they don't control most of the "surcharges". They can change from minute to minute.

And most of the surcharges are not the airlines fault.

NAV Canada, FAA, USA customs & imigration, airport taxes, provincial and federal taxes, USA taxes...the list is long. Who's fault are they?


Taxes I don't care that's never "all in one", but to say the flight is $100 then a $100 fuel surcharge (they know their fuel costs so don't tell me they can't put in the price), Nav fee (fixed), Security fee (fixed) , USA fees (again fixed) tacked on is borderline criminal.
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I don't care where the fees come from. The advertised price should include all fees and taxes. The invoice can break them out if they want, fine by me, but don't lure me in with "low prices" when the end price is nowhere near that amount.

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said by shaner:

I don't care where the fees come from. The advertised price should include all fees and taxes.

How can you run a national advertising campaign while including prices that have to reflect local variations in taxes?

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Calgary, AB
To be fair, there are so few actual "national" advertising campaigns. They are mostly regional anyways. So, if you're running a regional ad, you know what the final price is in that region anyways.

I know you already know this, but the regional variation on taxes in Canada is at the provincial level anyways. There aren't municipal sales taxes in Canada like there are in the US.

I don't see it as a huge problem since most national companies with something to sell have varying regional prices anyways.
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reply to elwoodblues
Change your phrase from "fixed" to uncontrolled. These fees can be changed at a whim with no control by the airline. So "fixed" is the wrong word.

Yes and the fuel surcharge is just another way of allowing them to change the price whenever they want to. Cruise lines do the same thing based on the price of a barrel of crude oil.

Several years ago the steel companies did the same thing. They started a surcharge so they could change the pricing when ever they feel like it. It makes the company feel like they are off the hook for price increases. Ya right.