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Re: 3years+ later

said by TBBroadband:

And this is Sprint's fault with Dan. Instead of killing their 4g wimax network and selling off what they had, they should have kept building out and pushing money over to CLEAR to build out the network if they needed. Instead he decided to spend that money on the iProduct fan boys and didn't get anything but more debt. I would hope after Softbank takes over (if they do) they get rid of Dan and bring in someone that knows what they are doing, because he sure in the hell doesn't. Especially since he could have killed the Nextel brand YEARS ago but didn't until recently and costing the company MORE customers by charging them extra. Hope they enjoy losing those massive contracts.

Backseat drivers give the worst advice. Case in point for worst backseat driver on BBR.


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no its not bad advise. Dan just doesn't know what he's doing. The money that was put into clear should have went to keep building out the network, instead of him up and deciding to build out NV and stop offering wimax to his customers. He's going to be the one in the back seat when his company loses customers to T and VZW in terms of higher speeds on mobile devices, something he can NOT give anyone but a handful of people. Even T and TMO have a better "4G" network than Spent. They should stick to being a co-lo company and let someone else be the actual service provider.