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Union City, GA
reply to blu87

Re: Signal problem again, I think

If you need an amplifier then your bad signals are being amplified along with your good signals. The "one moment please " is the digital version of snow or a fuzzy picture which you would get if the signal would be if it were analog. The only solution would be to have a tech come out check the lines AND the amp. If you only have 3 TVs connected then you shouldn't need an amp unless your outlets are far from the splitters. When the tech does come make sure that they check the lines from the tap to each TV. Your other TV the tiling problem is also a result of low signal or bad lines. When you call don't let the phone rep talk you I to swapping out the box, that may be part of the problem but not the whole solution to the problem.


united state

Thanks. We only have three TVs connected to cable, but it was originally set up for four, we just don't use the fourth outlet. If I recall correctly, the amp was originally installed between 2004-2006, when we only had analog cable. I remember the signal on TV "3" being so bad that one channel picked up a local FM or AM radio station. An outside line was replaced and something was done at the tap, but they ended up installing the amp too. Each of the four TVs go through two splitters, there are a total of three splitters.

I know the cabling for the two upstairs TVs needs replacing rather badly. One line is on the roof and it's spent the last 22 years getting baked in the sun. So... if the coax cabling for the downstairs TV is ok, but the amp is still needed, doesn't that mean the problem is outside somewhere? I've spent the last 15 years or so dealing with these signal problems, I'm really getting sick and tired of it. At least with analog, I still got a picture. Screw digital, it sucks!

But what about the numbers I provided? Does that tell you anything? Or do I need to post more info?


Lincroft, NJ

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said by blu87:

But what about the numbers I provided? Does that tell you anything? Or do I need to post more info?

One other thing that would be good to know is what the frequency is for that QAM-256 video carrier, compared to other channels that are coming in OK

If you use a cable modem, it would also be good to see what the channel frequencies and levels are for that.

Old, weathered coax cable and splitters that may have managed to work OK for analog TV, can be a problem for digital TV and other services, since the analog channels were typically located at lower frequencies/channels received by older "cable-ready" TVs, while many of the new, added-on digital carriers were placed at higher frequencies.

Just replacing any older, low-quality splitters that you may have installed yourself with newer, higher quality ones (see: »[Connectivity] Recommended splitter) may resolve your problems.

Also take a look at these two recent threads, from other posters who were also having video issues, for some additional info/ideas:
»Poor picture quality
» Do I need to get an amplifer and active return?

EDIT: Given your latest post, I realized that I originally misunderstood what you meant by TV "2" and "3" (not channels, but sets). Modified my post based on that.