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Superior, WI
reply to nunya

Re: 1800 feet away from connection

said by nunya:

To put things into perspective, $20,000 would buy you about 4-1/2 years of a tier one T1 circuit.

yes, but at 1.544mbps, that is a fucking rip off, and you know T1s are now far outdated and useless. If he can get a private contractor to lay the lines to all houses, or even get charter to do it, and get all his neighbors in on it and to pony up, charter may just do it. They may also have a franchising obligation there, which would be worth looking into, that could force them to serve the homes regardless of the install cost. I know its that way here in superior(where I live), that within the city and town bounds, Charter has no choice on the matter if you build within those bounds, they have to serve you and get a line to you(at their cost).

LXI 483
O Fallon, MO
I'd rather have a T1 than nothing. T1's are far from useless. They just aren't as fast. They are more reliable, available, and guaranteed. Businesses are still spending millions of dollars a month on T1's. Many because they are stupid, but most because they need that dedicated reliability.
Besides, I was just putting it into perspective. That's why, in my post, I clearly said talk to Charter engineering first before moving to other options.
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