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Re: rose-colored glasses (Q-Q--)

I think a few in this thread nailed it. For me WoW stopped feeling like WoW with Cata. Illidan and LK were the culmination of warcraft, for me at least. I didnt feel engaged with anything in Cata, it was a a bunch of mis-steps in gameplay and the story arch was blah. DS for damn near a year was mind-numbing. It may sound silly but the thing that I enjoyed most in Cata was transmogging and the Well of Eternity instance.....go figure.

Then MoP came, I leveled my main (rogue) and did the daily rep grind, got the cloud serpent, did the MV raid and then just couldnt care less. I just couldnt bring myself to level rep with dailies and build a farm.MoP feels like another game, not saying it is bad in it's inception, but it doesnt feel like warcraft. Sha, killing monkeys in a brewery, pandas, starship troopers (Im sorry, Klaxxi) and Green Acres Playland just doesnt feel WoW to me.

I've played since release of vanilla, and though I have had my moments of boredom (i.e. Cata), MoP is the only thing that made me stop. If the next x-pac is back to Outland or Sargeras or something along those lines, I know I would come back. As it is, I wait....

Keep It Simple
I am a huge fan of the RTS series and WC3 was one of the games I have spent the most time solo or on lan parties. So when I killed Arthas it felt like closing the circle, which was really hard to open for DW until I started reading the books but It was way too late for me.
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