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Re: [Speed] Very slow speeds in Louisville (40241)

Just called. Talked to a tech. She advised that there "Known Utilization Issues" in my area. She advised that they've been told "not to send techs out" and an ETA on the fix was not able to be provided. Asked to speed to a Supervisor. Supervisor also advised the same thing and could not give me an ETA on when it will be fixed.

I asked if she could escalate the issue to someone who could give me a date. She said she would try, but nobody likely knew. I asked her for a refund for my service for the past three weeks. She obliged (we'll see if it makes it to my bill) and said she would try to escalate the issue.

I would suggest anyone with the same issue to call and demand a refund to light a fire under their behinds. I hate to say it, but Insight isn't going to fix the issue until they feel it in their wallet.


Hopefully I can give you all some hope. I called on Monday and had them send a tech out on Tuesday. I already knew it would be a contractor who would not be able to fix the problem, but that's not why I had them come out. All I wanted was for the tech to use his own netbook to verify that my equipment was not the problem and that my signals were excellent. This went the way I wanted it to and when he called his dispatch at the end he was told that there were already 3 other techs in my area with the same issue and that it was Insight's issue.

Two hours later and Insight had silently resolved the issue. I was moved from the 74.*.*.* range to one I haven't seen before, a 96.*.*.*. I have never had more stable speeds than I have since then.

I feel like you're all really going to have to rely on the speed issues trending enough in your areas to have anything done. If you've got a neighbor with Insight and can convince them to call it in, I'd do it.

I wish you all good luck on this, as the speeds were horrid.


Louisville, KY
reply to Jeffy479
I had the same thing told to me. My 30.0 connection has been all over the place connection wise. I hadn't had any issues until the last couple months and haven't bothered to call in about it.

I called today and they looked at my signals and everything and said it was great but then looked at a list on which server I was and I was told that I am on a server with a known issue and no ETA on when it will be resolved. My speeds are anywhere from 1Mbit to 30Mbit at any given time.