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North Baltimore, OH

[Other] Hmm, what now?

So my Dad just told me that he had seen a Frontier van in my driveway and said that there was a technician looking at my equipment this morning. But he didn't bother to ask him what he was doing because he figured I had already talked to him and knew what was going on.

But I have been home all morning and was not even aware there was a tech at my house. No one even bothered to knock on my door. I have no idea what he was doing. I never requested Frontier to send a tech to my home.

So should I call them and see what he was doing?

I do know that I've been speaking to a manager about getting my area upgraded to VDSL. He said that he was sending a technician out to my local CO to see if it is capable of an upgrade, but I never gave him my address so I don't believe he would send someone to my house directly.

Also, I'm getting upgrade from 3Mbps to 6Mbps starting Monday, but the lady that I talked to said that a technician would not have to come and do anything for that.

So I'm confused.

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Burlington, WV
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I would guess that if you gave him your telephone number or he noted it on caller ID he could easily figure out where you live or the person you spoke to about upgrading to 6 Mbps has your address. Could be they were testing the line, or the technician came early or it could have been just coincidence.


North Baltimore, OH
Apparently they did send a technician out to check out my lines.