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reply to Zero8270

Re: 2 phone lines 2 modems high ping/latency Might of resolved

I guess it cant a wiring issue inside the house because at the NID its still showing bad results and high latency. Can anyone tell me why when i get up early in the morning i recive great results like earlier. I posed my results early in the morning in my original post.

If its not a DSLAM overload, then what can it be?

Here is pictures of my NID

One without Modem plugged directly into it

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

and one with my modem to NID and please note that the top line was unplugged and also that i did it vice-versa and also note (common sense) the top one is my old line.

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Also you can zoom in both of these pictures as there both top quality. (:
One last thing i do still believe there both affecting each other as part 2 describes. So bottom line please re-read part 2 because i am 200 percent sure they are affecting each other.


Collinsville, VA
If its great in the morning and bad results later in the day it honestly sounds like a overloaded DSLAM, however there could be many things the best advice would get a tech sent out