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what hardware do I need to do this?

I have office A in Building 1. I have office B in Building 2, which is about 100 yards away and not in a "clear line of sight". I cannot run Ethernet cables between the 2 buildings. My server is in office A. Its IP address is I have a PC in office B that I want to set as on the same network.

Office A has a link to a cable modem line in Building 1. Office B has a link to a different cable modem line in Building 2.

I want the PC in office B to be linked to the server in office A, as if they were on the same LAN.

What's the easiest way to achieve this, with not too high of a cost?

Would this be the way to go:

Hook up a VPN router to the switch that office A is connected to. Then, hook up a second VPN router to the switch that office B is connected to. Then, configure them so that the PC in building 2 will be treated as if it's on the LAN of the server in building 1?

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(IPSEC VPNs use different subnets, so your server might be at, but the PC in another building will be on

I use Cisco RV042 routers myself, they do a nice job when given an internet IP on the WAN side, not a private IP address.
»www.cisco.com/en/US/products/ps9 ··· dex.html

Cheaper is to set up a PC in the same building as your server and VNC or Remote Desktop into it.
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First question is whether office A and office B are using the same ISP or not -- you mention "cable modem," but
that doesn't tell us much.

Second jimbopalmer See Profile's suggestion of VNC or RDP, especially if security is not an issue -- I've said before
that VPN is about secure communications over an insecure medium like the internet; nothing else.