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Re: Latency and Packet Loss Problems - Over 2 months

Any update on this situation ?

I am very curious to know the resolution ( yes, I am and have had for over 6 months this same issue -yes..the same exact issue...we could swap usernames and the details would be 100 percent the same...except im in pt charlotte, fl)

and no, that wasnt a "me too" ...just a heads up that comcast has this same problem in another area of florida


Clinton, NJ
It seems almost systemic and more than just any given geographic service territory -- chronic and/or intermittent troubles are very difficult if not impossible to have addressed or followed up upon. Why? I think its because there's no real "ownership" of such problems. Just keep closing out the tickets & sweep 'em under the rug hoping it'll go away or maybe the customer will bail and go bother some other broadband provider (assuming they even have that as an option).

My own experiences -- nearly identical to what you guys enumerated -- have been posted here on DSLR. ~3 months later the problem still exists and we're on the 11th or 12th dispatch now.

Just know you're not alone and in good company guys... Be persistent and don't give up.


Sebastian, FL
Sorry I didn't update sooner. The problem still exists. I had about a 2 week reprieve during the holidays, but am back to daily packet loss for 4 to 8 hours each day.