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Re: Hughes Gen4 is a FRAUD

Just to clarify some of the basics with gen4, or exede,viasat,wildblue.Whatever system you have or are thinking of getting.
The systems are still running the same speeds and using the same Ka band on the birds and the ground stations.
With that said when things are not working correct at the NOC server the speeds will return to legacy speeds.
The new satallites are just there to expand the Ka service available.

If you do not believe this just use a speed meter on your pc (like networx) while browsing .
Direct file downloads are unpacked at the modem(we will call him the accelenet client) to give you the impression of high speed.

I had the exede 5Mb, during the same period that I had over 8Mbps download speed a test with networkx shows my true speed as 100 to 250KBps.(on par with a good hn9000 pro plan)
On these new services you may want something like networkx to keep track of actual usage.

Back to the tech side.
All these "broadband" satallite services are based on the server side compression software. When your system(browser) makes a request the server (we will call him accelenet server) performs the normal DNS query, then the data is retrieved by the server.
The server then unpacks any compressed files and then recompresses them. For example, google loads a 45KB page in IE8 using a standard connection and any other connection to the web.On the new satallite system the server gets the compressed file from google,expands it to approx 350KB ,then recompresses it to about 25KB.........here is the kick in the teeth.

Your usage is based on the uncompressed file size that THEY created.

When you have an issue with usage not seeming correct and complain about it, they just change the multiplier.From what I could tell they set the multiplier at about 8 to 10 to start with.If you complain they bump it down a notch or 2. I think this is a setting on the client end(modem) ,but it could be either end.

On speedtest.net they may show a speed of approx 8Mbps, but the throughput speed will be approx 200KBps because they have reduced the file size via compression to 1/40th (approx) from the original file size(s).

The compression software does not work well with secure connections,it ignores all browser settings, ftp is hopeless. It even changes the color and layout of pages, so much that a page like ebay or facebook will look identical on all browsers.

Well thats about all i can say about these services.

John H. from Michigan


Not sure why you stated that a secure FTP session gets stuck at 100-250Kbps, I just started a transfer from my web-server and was pulling around 800KB/s constantly for one xfer.