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Shelbyville, KY
reply to Kahai

Re: [Speed] Recurring slow speeds daily - Melbourne, KY

said by Kahai:

Been a while since I've had issues with Insight 50.0 service however the past 2 months are starting to rub me the wrong way. I've included 3 months with screens and everything. All are averages per hour per month. My question to you guys or any Insight Techs out there, is Nov/Dec heavy load months thus is my node, then, overloaded? It's usually able to start a download at a good 4MB/sec and still able to game or stream standard youtube but now it's nearly a joke to do either sometimes especially when your ping hits the 200s.

First up is October. I consider this a perfect month don't you agree?


Next is November. Issues started cropping up here at this point. I personally didn't notice much connectivity issues during this month.


Now December is the month that's irritating me and I'm going to assume that it's just a lot of people online at the same time...at the same hour...every day of this month.


So what do you guys think? Should I hold off until January before calling a tech out? Not sure why I'm paying for 50.0 when I can just lower it to 30 or 40 and not notice a difference at this point between Nov/Dec.


I've noticed a lot of throughput problems since they dropped their Sprintlink and Level3 backbone connections in favor for the Road Runner backbone Tbone.

If you notice you can do a trace out now and you will always use that connection.

If you look at a BGP graph it shows them slowly severing those connections over the last two months. Since that change the service has been unreliable. Ping times are much higher and anything on the internet is 2 to 3 more hops away then it was before. It has not affected my throughput in general for most applications but due to the increased latency and distance it does not feel as snappy as it used to.

I have to say that I am severely disappointed that the service has gone down hill like it has, and I really still wish that they didn't sell.

All I can say is this is what I would expect to come from Insight\Time Warner in the future as this once great company is probably headed for the trash.

In an unrelated question what tool are you using to make\ gather that information that you displayed in the graphs above?


Melbourne, KY
I opped in a program to measure internet speeds in a nationwide study via »www.samknows.com/broadband/index ··· ndex.php of which they provide a router and custom firmware to issue test runs on an hourly basis. I've never really noticed the tests going on despite it being an hourly test.

But yes, I was wary of the merger as well and as you said, if this is any indication as to future performance--the future is bleak. But we'll see, I'm still holding out hope!

I had a tech contact me so we'll see what happens via that route.


Louisville, KY
reply to Singular
I've been experiencing the same issue in Louisville (40219) since the middle of October. Evening hours seems the worst with my downloads rarely going above 25mbps. Even if it does go above that, the latency makes the connection worthless while downloading. I'm seriously considering dropping 50.0 and going back to 20.0. Insight told me they have had capacity issues and it would be resolved on the 14th of Dec, but that clearly has not happened.


Melbourne, KY
Same thought process here. Why pay for a speedier tier of service when that service isn't being delivered. I understand the bandwidth is shared on a cable line but when my ping is hitting 150+ when my modem isnt' even being used and just idling-- there's a problem and it's not my hardware.