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Re: Ars Forecast: SSD prices will continue to slide

said by pnjunction:

The same trends that make them cheaper (smaller lithography, multi-level cells) also reduce the number the write cycles, but I wouldn't worry about it unless you are really thrashing at it.

I have had a 120GB SSD in my laptop for almost a year now and have only written 1.6 TB to it. The Intel tool says lifetime is still 100%. If we assume good wear-leveling, minimal write amplification and 3,000 write cycles per cell, the lifetime writes could be 360TB.

I only use this thing for browsing and office work, it's hard to imagine racking up the TB's doing that. It could happen if you are editing video and such, so I might not recommend an SSD for that but you could probably still get away with it if you are replacing it every few years anyways.

With my laptop, I was planning on getting a second hard drive for the drive bay (as I don't use the multi-burner that much) and use the SSD drive as my boot up drive with apps. The second hard drive will have my movies and music for when traveling, which is what I'll be using the lappy for mainly and surfing the net at the airport. It will also be used for downloading pictures from my digital camera, probably adjusting the pictures for red eyes, etc. I was planning on getting a 120 GB SSD.
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New York, NY

A lot of people are removing their optical drives in order to have an SSD and a HDD.

Too bad there is no hybrid solution like an optical drive with a built I HDD or SSD. However, with SATA controllers being one to one I don't see how that would work,....

Most people are OK with just dropping the optical drive anyway,....

Teksavvy Extreme
Toronto, ON

I have thought about getting an HD carriage for the optical bay in my laptop. Nice thing about the business units is that it would be hot-swappable with the optical drive (although I barely ever use it). In the end though I don't really have a use for the space, I mostly travel within Canada and the US and get by on Netflix while on the road. I kind of wish I could put some extra battery in there like you could with the old school bricks.

New York, NY

Personally I don't really like laptops. I have a fairly new HP 17" (I forget the model) which I use when I cannot use a desktop. If I could use my desktop all the time I would probably never use a laptop. I have it with me now since I'm out of town but I'm using my iPad more and more for casual stuff.

If I were looking for a new laptop I would probably look for one with a mSATA slot so that I could have an SSD, HDD and optical drive. Admittedly I don't use an optical drive that much but I'd rather have it and not need it then need it and not have it.