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New York, NY
reply to AlphaOne

Re: Merry Christmas to me.

Don't get me wrong I very much like name brand products like HP, ASUS, Dell and so on. So I guess I would have preferred to go with such a monitor. My problem with the HP zr2740w was that the lack of of an on screen menu was a screaming sign that a corner was being cut and that this was ultimately a budget product. Unfortunately I didn't really see the price as a budget price but rather a quasi budget price. For around the $700 range, not much more even if you have to wait for a special deal, I felt I could do a bit better. Still I didn't quite want to go even higher in price,...

Anyway the Auria EQ276W at $399 plus comparatively scant NJ tax (a budget price IMO) was just too good of a deal to pass up on and I liked it enough after buying one for my Wife to buy another for myself.

I don't think you can go wrong either way though.

I see
Yup, traditionally HP is pricier than Dell. Hated that.
But to see comparable product cost a little less, says a lot ... some obvious cost cutting is in place. It comes down to personal preferences, and to some, the OSD (or the lack of) is not big deal.

I just heard of this Auria. Something I might need to consider.