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Re: If TekSavvi doesn't fight on Jan 14th, I'm leaving them.

said by Tx:

said by elitefx:

said by dillyhammer:

The court order was meant to be fought. That's how our judicial system works.

What I'd like to know is would all customers like to see their Internet bill increase to $250 or more per month so a small outfit like Teksavvy can pay a $1,000,000 plus legal bill to fight a long drawn out battle to get the information disclosure laws of Canada changed?

Appeals and Supreme Court challenges cost massive amounts of cash. How big of a price hike are you willing to pay to support your views???

Would everybody be willing to pay Teksavvy hundreds of dollars per month to fight this battle for you?

Sell your house. Sell your car. Clean out your bank account and "Let's Get Ready To Rumble".....

lmao!! Yes because customers subsidize the legal bills. This is how you think? You guess that bills should reach $250 a month to pay the lawyers? So your method is, unless you want your bills to skyrocket, don't expect an ISP to do anything on your behalf.

Well because we don't want those bills going up now do we.

I'm in the hosting industry (Web, domains, Servers, colo). We are faced with simular things daily. You sir, do not understand how a business works or the legalities involved annually. I guarantee i get more court orders then TSI in my business trying to get at my customers servers. We appeal everything...

Guess what? Still in business, still offering good prices and we're 17 years strong, thanks.

As i said lawsuits civil wise under 7 grand you can acquire legal aid so , only those well off and those that make a lot a cash will need to buy a lawyer and then the question becomes if your piratign and your weathy you deserve to get sued...the main reasons for file sharing isn't just the aspect of sharing its cause were too poor ....thats number one. that qualifyer on legal aid should cover most people also at min wage....so a huge majority of canucks would be able to retain legal counsel and imagine 2300 lawyers showing up cause voltage wants a class action lawsuit ...yup gonna cost voltage one way or the other...

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Do you even have clue who qualifies for legal aid?

If you earn more than $14,000/year you do NOT qualify. That means you're stuck with duty council when you go to court.

You're better off defending yourself.
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