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Re: 2 phone lines 2 modems high ping/latency Might of resolved

Yeah when you were doing those test it was giving me good results but now when i hop my game in to go play it wasnt so good. I ran a speedtest and i was getting high latency again just like those Charts. (im not trying to make this a game issue, Just an example) Now that i have turned off my xbox off its still the same giving me anywhere from 202ms - 400ms its like my connection is very senstive and i cant do anything on it.

I wish there was a way to see Xbox 360 charts because they would look exactly like that but when its 6:50 am in the morning it would be running good and being at a consitant 1.5mb instead of it going down to 200kbps

Typically online games do not require much bandwidth - a 256 kbps speed is good enough. An xbox shouldnt be making my internet out of control like that.
Is it possible my Two lines are on the same Circuit connected to only as 1 port to a Router and that might be a possiblity why the DSLAM router and it gets easily Exhausted?
But mabye there on different routers and thats why i receive such better results on my seconds line which gives me a garuenteed of .40 to .50 upload while my old line gives me .20 to .30 upload so does that mean there on different routers? So then its NOT a exhausted router problem if thats true. Man i am just so confused right now.........

What else can the issue be?

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Jordon, I think we have enough pings/tracerts/etc. I don't think we need anymore.

Going back and reading everything over and over again, I think that we might have a plausible answer to your issues.

Back on the first thread early on:
said by billaustin:

Try connecting both modems to the test jacks at the NID (at the same time, short line cords, separate as much as possible) and see if the problem is still there. If so, you may need your drop from the street replaced. If not, your wiring is the issue and the two DSL lines are interfering with each other. I would suggest filters at the NID with a home run for each modem.

You said it was too cold outside and you will get to it when it warms up.

said by Zero8270:

BUT Back to the point with BOTH MODEMS CONNECTED DIRECTLY TO THE NID, i did notice a problem when i was doing speedtest on both of them. With LINE A doing a speedtest first, my latency was great but while i was downloading(Finding out my download speed) i did a other speedtest on LINE B, i saw that LINE B, latency increase(50 ms to 150ms) while the download speed decreased(1.4mb download to .700mb download. Then i did it the other way around and i got the same results, which leaves me to belive that they are connected at the NID but also probably a wireing issue in the house. Also i do notice that my newer line has a .40mb to .50mbupload speed while my older line has a .20mb to .33mb speed. So this makes me belive that this is a issue and that the lines are not seperate at the NID.

There is your answer.
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