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North, VA
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Re: Should we let the tenant move back in after the fire?

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said by nunya:

You don't see them much any more. They are banned in a lot of places.

Wonder if the writer even has been around one? I lived in a home with one for 17 years. My dad, mom and 2 sisters did not die from CO poisoning, the house did not burn down and the temperature was not that difficult to regulate.

I grew up in a home with several of them--or at least several vents to one. They were very common for homes built during the period of the forties in California.

Never had a problem with it but then of course we never sat anything on top of the vent either. Maybe there is a connection there?

In spite of some posts here I googled "Floor Furnace", Gas fired floor furnace and oil fired floor furnace. I found out they are very much alive and well with many types and manufacturers and even carry ul listings.


NW Minnesota
Even LP and Natural Gas units with millivolt controls are still in production! For those with enough connected brain cells to remember the grill will be HOT when the unit is operating, one of these may be a viable option for backup heat since they require no electricity. The manual does state these have high-limits and controls to cycle the burner to help keep grill temps down a bit.



Saint Louis, MO
reply to Jack_in_VA
My uncle recently passed away leaving my aunt to handle several properties.

I point out the tenet caused the fire and should be held responsible. My aunt looked at me like I had 3 heads.

I don’t think there any point in trying to recover money from someone struggles to pay their 500.00 a month rent.

I seems her tenet has found another place to rent I think that part is over.

Thanks Jack-in-VA. I had not even considered that floor furnaces are still available if only for insurance estimate.

There is no mortgage is the insurance going to cut a check based on the estimate.

Will there be a problem if we then install a gas furnace in the attic?

It is hard to be much help from 250 miles.



said by walta:

There is no mortgage is the insurance going to cut a check based on the estimate.



Have you read the Policy and its endorsements? No one here can accurately answer that question without the ability to do that. There are different Policies that cover Landlords and their Rentals. And each State has different rules as to what is offered and what they wish to be covered at a bare minimum.

Even who the Company is can determine how they will handle the Claim. When I started in the late 70's, one Company I was with was very tight. Move ahead a couple of years and a different Employer. They were extremely generous and had different Claims handling philosophies. Made my job that much more easy.

Also may want to get more than one estimate, which I highly recommend.

Good luck taking care of this for your Aunt.