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Lakeland, FL
reply to brooklyn Joe

Re: [Tampa] Might lose WFLA CH8?

Well, Fios will soon also be renewing their contract with WFLA.. so this isn't just a brighthouse issue.. ALL carriers will be sent this increase from WFLA. Do you think they'll all just say "Sure, we'll pay it", or just agree and forward the cost increase to the customers? Don't let greedy companies win! Bright house is doing the right thing. If you give in, ALL the networks will increase prices when contracts renew... then we're all in deep doo-doo.


Very well said.

This crap happens across the country. TWC/BHN is holding firm. I think a deal will be done but at worst, it would be off for a week or two at the most and then a deal will get struck.

I do hate these garbage tactics the stations use to get everyone up in arms with the lines running across newscasts and shows when there deal is up and want a large renewal fee.

When we had the Fox deal up in Orlando and I believe in Tampa Bay too on New year's a few year's ago, it was a waiting game for a whole day with a bunch of three hour extensions.

It's very frustrating and hopefully this will end soon for all of you.