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Etobicoke, ON
·Bell Sympatico
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Re: Supermicro motherboard beeping

Just pulled up the manual for your motherboard - PWM fans should be fine.

If it is an overheating warning, there's also an overheating LED on the motherboard (LE2 beside the CPU) that should light when the warning sounds. The manual only mentions beep codes for video, memory or overheating - other error codes would attempted to be displayed at the top left corner of the display.

There should be a BIOS setting for 'CPU Overheat LED and Control' where you should be able to set the CPU temperature threshold.

You could try setting the temperature threshold lower in order to intentionally generate the overheat warning tone at a lower/safer CPU temperature and determine whether or not it's the same tone that you're hearing now. If it's not, then your problem must be something else. If it's the same, than I'd suggest re-installing the Heatsink/Fan/TIM (or even going back and installing the original HSF to see if there's any change).

If it is an overheating warning but the Heatsink doesn't feel warm, then its likely a HSF mounting issue - i.e. the CPU IS hot and the heat isn't transferring to the heatsink.

Trying the Supero Doctor III software to monitor voltages/temps would provide more details as well.

Poway, CA
The motherboard overheat LED never comes on. I will have to check to see how low I can set the overheat threshold- it is not convenient to shut the PC down to hook up a keyboard and monitor right now.

One confusing thing- I reconnected the rear case fan tachometer wire and the beeping has not returned (so far). If the CPU was overheating, I would expect it to happen all of the time (the CPU workload is pretty constant and the daily report I receive from the software I am running tells me that the CPU usage never goes over 20%).

The software I use on this PC does not allow any other programs (such as Supero Doctor) to be installed, so this monitoring program cannot be easily used.