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reply to Tx

Re: Ppl need a reality check about leaving due to their stance

said by Tx:

said by kcorscadden:

Ok, then ppl should be asking whether or not Voltage has the right to ask for this info and not blaming TSI for their stance.

Go read a few hundred articles off of www.torrentfreak.com and see what Voltage is all about. They abuse the court systems with the pay up or else schemes. TSI's stance is setting a precedence in Canada. That's one of the reason people are upset.

The abuse it with a legal loophole allowing them to create court orders without ever intending to go to trial using pay up or else schemes

Exactly this!

Op failed to understand the bigger picture just like the very ppl who seem to be arguing for Voltage or agreeing TSI's actions.

I'm not even on the list of guilty and I don't even download those junk.

But gee, I guess by some ppl's logic because I'm arguing against the copyright trolls I must be guilty. To them I say Screw off! Hopefully one day they find themselves accidentally on the receiving end because they were "Identified" as the IP responsible and sued to oblivion with not much proof.

Such ignorance and apathy is why those trolls are able to run loose. And the "If you did nothing wrong so you have nothing to fear" statement is such a moronic saying. It reminds me of the same argument used in getting those TSA at the airports and now look what happened.

If anything OP needs a reality check and need to educate himself further. This is more than just about copyright.


Toronto, ON
Those people watch too much American TV, our laws and court system are supposed to be fairer than theirs and we should fight tooth and nail against greedy bastards who want to piss on our Canadian ways, not bend over. Let precedents like this take place and it's a slippery slope, that's why CIPPIC wants to intervene. Those who still can't understand that are just useful idiots in the hands of the trolls.