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Modoc, IN

Frequent DSL sync drops, reconnects, and jumping attenuation

My connection used to be rock solid, never losing sync for weeks at a time and only having to restore the connection if I rebooted the modem or a power failure. Nothing good lasts forever, and for the past week or two I've been having intermittent sync and noise issues with my DSL. My attenuation has been jumping around in the range of 15-18 and I'm losing sync once an hour or more.

Here's my current stats:

Transceiver Statistics
Transceiver Revision
Vendor ID Code 4D54
Line Mode ADSL_2plus
Data Path FAST

Transceiver Information Down Stream Path Up Stream Path
DSL Speed (Kbits/Sec) 6937 1147
Margin (dB) 21.0 10.8
Line Attenuation (dB) 16.5 9.4
Transmit Power (dBm) 2.5 10.2
FEC Errors 0 0
HEC Errors 0 511
CRC Errors 0 0

Frontier says there could be a new customer somewhere near me that's causing increased line noise, which I guess is possible if the line was never connected at all before now. But that doesn't explain why my stats keep jumping about from 15-18db on the downstream attenuation and why I was syncing at 5000/184 earlier today after my attenuation jumped over 20 and my transmit power went to over 10. I'm very confused and a little concerned about why it's so funky lately. I take online classes and if there's a drop in my connection during a test, I have to go through a bunch of steps to get the test reset, only to have the possibility of it dropping again.

If anyone has an idea, let me know. If it's something I can fix myself, great--I'm quite handy with a cable. I am Net+ certified, after all. If I need to have Frontier get on this, I'll have them do so, but my area supervisor is on vacation until Jan 2, so it might be a little while.


Searching for a new Frontier
Burlington, WV

I have had a similar issue with one of my DSL lines from Frontier for the last 2 weeks or so. The other line is rock solid. But I believe it to be a local CO or remote issue and probably not related to your problem. Hopefully the are installing some modern equipment in our area. Also have been having an intermittent issue with the phone where we loose audio for a couple syllables. Very similar to a pumping condition.


Stanwood, MI
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reply to jamesonnorth

There is probably nothing you can do.

However I would first make sure that that nothing has changed on your end.

Try swapping out your filters for fresh ones, make sure that all of your jacks have filters whether there is a phone plugged in or not or completely disconnenct the wires to unused plugs (on the end closest to your nid) plug the modem directly into your nid and see if you get the same issues etc.

Also if you have determined the issue is not inside your house...

You might be able to ask a tech to switch you to a different loop (or wires in the loop) or have them move you to a different dslam and see if that helps as well.

The tech can also force your modem to connect at a slower speed which may also help fix connection stability.

It's Only Logical
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reply to jamesonnorth

This is do to water or ice in the box freezing melting, the disconnects could be caused by intermittent shorts from wind blowing the lines.

16-18 is a short distance from the dslam.

My DSL go's from 52-58. It all depends on wiring, weather and if the line has water in it causing capacitance/resistance errors.
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