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HORRIBLE Customer Service

There was a power outage in my area yesterday (caused by a SUV hitting a pole) and when power was restored, I noticed my ONT was out. I called Tech Support, who had me troubleshoot (i.e. unplug and replug in my ONT/backup boxes to see if the ONT lights would go back on). Upon failure of this, I was notified that a technician would have to come out. The earliest available date: January 6, 2013!!!! I guess it would eat into Verizon's profit margin to hire extra techies so that customers can get back up and running in a timely manner. Management is to blame for such a amateurish response time. I was looking forward to watching the hockey World Juniors which is on now through January 5...and I rely on the internet to pay bills and keep up with events, and a working phone where I can be reached. This is as bad as it gets.


Oakland Gardens, NY

Well as horrible as that is, I would definitely ask for some type of credit. Maybe free mulitroom dvr for a year, or 20 dollars a month off your bill. I understand how frustrating it can be without all our modern tech, on the other hand, it's only a week. Tell em your cancel your service if they can't make the appointment sooner. Being Christmas and New Year's also is going to add to delays being that I'm sure people take off, so they are short staffed.



Even during the state of emergency after sandy verizon was still doing installations,they need those net adds for the end of the quarter.
They rather tie up an installer for 8hrs on a triple, than have them do 4 repairs even though the repair work load is high.
It's all great till you need service, then you see what they really think of you.