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Tilbury, ON

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Re: What I would do if Voltage has my IP Address

Well put funny and thanks for the legal info. Im not one who has been given a letter but I know of a older gentlemen at work who has been notified by Tech Savvy. Thats what made me post on this forum. Sad situation. He is in his sixties lives in an apartment with his wife who is dying. He still works because he has too. They got internet to be able to email their grand kids. I've had to go over 3 times in the last year to help show them how to email. Long story short someone in their apartment has hacked their wifi and now on top of everything else they have this bs dropped on them. I understand Tech Savvy's stand to not get involved but cases like this makes you sick. Just kind of hope Marc and Tech Savvy would step up and fight for people like this. Hopefully the courts will see the flaws and the potential of other innoncent people getting harrased and hurt.


Hamilton, ON
According a seperate article, it says quite clearly that TSI can't fight the order.

The issue has nothing too do with TSI, it has everything too do with Voltage and the user.
If they fight they loose common carriers status.

Then get sued into oblivion.

Same with Canpost. They have too abide.

If yu simply leave the wifi open, yu can claim it as a defense.

Talk to a lawyer and see if there is any harrassment going on.
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